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food energetics for the dog who's just right

You may have seen our past two posts on how to know if your dog needs warming or cooling foods, but what about when neither of those really seem to hit the nail on the head? Maybe your dog exhibits just one of those behaviors (and it’s only on occasion!), or maybe he dabbles in a few from both lists every once in a while.

Whatever you may be observing, your dog could very well just be right in the sweet spot—not too hot and not too cold! But even for the well-proportioned pooch, food energetics still come into play.

Here are our three tips for the level-temp pup:

1. Feed neutral foods as the standard

Since your dog already has a great internal balance, the diet’s job is to simply maintain that balance. Neutral foods can help maintain that balance, keeping your dog from becoming too hot or too cold.

2. When it's cold, add some warming foods

When the weather starts to turn colder, it can help to add in some warming foods. Whether that means plopping some chicken in with the normal meal, or substituting out a couple meals with a warming formula is up to you!

3. When it's hot, add some cooling foods

On the reverse side, it can help to add cooling foods as the weather starts to heat up. In the dead of summer, some apples or duck can provide some cool relief. Or you can switch out a few meals with a cooling formula.

Using the science of food energetics, our holistic veterinarian developed this neutral formula for dogs who already have great internal balance.

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