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a golden retriever, 6 signs your dog should be eating cooling foods

Food energetics can get a little complex, but rather than trying to figure out all the foods and all the body’s needs, focus on just one: your dog. You know your dog well; you’ve seen his habits, taken note of weird behaviors, and figured out exactly where he likes to be scratched to get the leg going. 

Knowing your dog is a beautiful thing because he knows you right back! He knows your habits as well as you know his, and maybe once you’ve figured out what foods are best for him, he can help you figure out what’s best for you. 😉

Here are a few signs that your dog could benefit from a diet rich in cooling foods:

1. He has separation anxiety

Whenever you head toward the door (without the leash), you can see the panic set in. As you walk off the front porch, you can hear the heart-breaking whines and whimpers of a dog that already misses you. Sometimes he breaks things, chews things, or even has accidents when you’re gone. 

2. He's prone to seasonal or environmental allergies

You can tell Spring time is here, not because of greening grass and budding trees, but because he’s itchy and greasy. The pink around his paws and nose, the endless panting – it all comes around as soon as the snow has melted. 

3. He likes to lay on the hardwood

While he is super affectionate, he doesn’t cuddle often because he prefers the cool of the hardwood floor. And he rarely uses that expensive dog bed you bought him, because it’s just too warm to lay in for too long.

4. He's always "go, GO, GOOO!"

You can take him for fifteen walks and he still has the energy of Taz the Tasmanian Devil. He always seems to be subtly nudging a toy into your lap to play. It’s sometimes difficult to get him to recognize that its bedtime, and even after a late night, he still wakes you up an hour before your alarm.

5. He can come across as aggressive

He’s a total sweetheart and would never hurt a fly, but he does have a mean bark when he gets protective. You have to be careful turning a corner in case a jogger happens to be on the other side—a slight startle may cause a barking uproar. And forget sharing! Any dog that tries to play with the toy he is playing with better watch carefully for that lip curl + growl combo. 

6. The weather is just hot

When in the dog days of summer, any dog can benefit from a meal full of cooling foods. On a day with no clouds, no breeze, and a sun that just won’t quit beating down, it can be rough for even the coolest, calmest dog. Cooling foods can provide relief from the heat from the inside out!

Using the science of food energetics, our holistic veterinarian developed this cooling formula specifically for dogs with these traits.

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