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Food energetics can get a little complex, but rather than trying to figure out all the foods and all the body’s needs, focus on just one: your dog. You know your dog well; you’ve seen her habits, taken note of weird behaviors, and figured out exactly where she likes to be scratched to get that leg going. 

Knowing your dog is a beautiful thing because she knows you right back! She knows your habits as well as you know hers, and maybe once you’ve figured out what foods are best for her, she can help you figured out what’s best for you. 😉

Here are a few signs that your dog could benefit from a diet rich in warming foods:

1. She's a snuggle bug!

She’s up for a snuggle any time, any place, and she’s always nuzzling her way under the covers. You can usually find her burrowed under pillows, curled up in the corner of the couch, or nestled comfortably in her puffy dog bed. If its soft and warm, she’s all over it!

2. She sleeps a lot

You can rest assured that she’s content, even if you didn’t get out for that after-dinner walk. She’s good with lazy Sundays, long naps, and sleeping in. 

3. She's calm and easy-going

While she does get excited when you get home from work, she’s typically not in constant play-mode. Once she’s gotten a chance to go potty and sniff around a little, she’s happy to just sit and watch you make dinner, chill on the couch for some after-work TV time, and munch on a bone while you fold laundry. 

4. She's I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T

Tying in with her innate calmness, she’s pretty good at self-entertaining. Of course she loves her quality time with you, but she doesn’t get too stressed out if you have a busy day of chores ahead of you. A window with a nice view of the trees and a comfy spot to lay in make for a pretty pleasant afternoon!

5. It's just plain chilly outside

Sometimes a meal rich in warming foods is great for any dog in a cold climate. A bitter cold, windy day can be miserable for even the warmest of dogs. Warming foods can make any of us cozy from the inside out!

Using the science of food energetics, our holistic veterinarian developed this warming formula specifically for dogs with these traits.

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