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Recipe Breakdown

Proteins (from meat)
Legumes + Seeds
Spices + Preservatives

Recipe Breakdown

Proteins (from meat)
Legumes + Seeds
Spices + Preservatives

Recipe Breakdown

Proteins (from meat)
Spices + Preservatives
Beef Recipe for dogs

We're just real food For Dogs & Cats.

Simple. Clean. Fresh.

Fresh & raw, our USDA-Inspected meats and human-grade produce are freeze dried and dry roasted into a delicious blend of scoopable goodness. With ingredients you can recognize and taste your pups will gobble up, its no wonder dogs are giving it two paws up!

No nonsense. Just real food.

The simplest food you’ve ever seen


Because all our vitamins and minerals come from natural food sources, it’s important to us that those sources are of the highest quality. If humans can get the nutrients they need without piles and piles of synthetic vitamins and minerals, then *gosh dang it* so can dogs!

We also believe that a “whole foods” claim should imply that the ingredients are familiar and easily identifiable. A quick glance at our raw materials, and you can recognize exactly what is what.

Compare Our Ingredients…

To Theirs.

The freeze-dried difference:

Fresh food is of course one of the healthiest options for your pet, but it’s not always affordable or time-efficient. Many pet food brands are moving toward freeze-dried dog food and dehydrated products to provide solutions that are both healthy and convenient. Freeze-drying is one of the best methods for preserving natural nutrients, next to just eating food raw!

freeze dried pieces

Freeze-Dried Nuggets

A blend of meat-based proteins, fruits, veggies, and a few seeds, legumes, and spices is freeze dried pasteurized at a low temperature and crumbled into little nuggets. The freeze-drying process allows for a flavor-packed morsel of deliciousness in every bite, while still maintaining the natural vitamins and minerals in each ingredient.

And based on the opinions of our own pups, we worked on a way to utilize freeze drying and still avoid producing a powdered mess of food. There’s still something to actually munch rather than just a bowl of wet goop.

dry roasted pieces

Dry-Roasted Nuggets

The same blend of meat-based proteins, fruits, veggies, and a few seeds, legumes, and spices is also dry roasted and crumbled into little nuggets.

The dry-roasted pieces were a direct request from our doggos who want to make use of those pearly canines. The dry-roasting process makes for a nice, crunchy morsel of taste that extra chomp dogs love.

chopped fruits and veggies

Freeze-Dried Fruits & Veggies

We put a different combination of whole fruits and veggies in each of our recipes. Some green beans and apples, or perhaps some cranberries and peas can be seen sprinkled in with our freeze-dried and dry-roasted nuggets.

All the natural vitamins and minerals in the fruits and veggies are retained through the freeze-drying process, and the taste too! Plus, they’re cut down into small enough bits that even the pickiest pups can’t eat around them.

chopped organ meat

Freeze-Dried Organ Meat

To top it all off, we add in some good ol’ fashioned freeze-dried organ meat. Organ meat is a natural and important part of a carnivore’s diet, as it supplies dogs with all sorts of nutrients and digestive enzymes that they may not otherwise get from their other food sources.

Liver is a highly concentrated source of Vitamin A, and also contains folic acid, B vitamins, and iron. Hearts are high in protein, and contain phosphorus and zinc, plus some other essential amino acids.

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