Food Charts

Have a look at the foundational knowledge behind our meal formulations. From food pyramids to food energetics, The Simple Food Project was founded on a firm understanding of the canine’s biological dietary needs, and how certain foods can affect the body.

Food Pyramid for Dogs

Dog Food Pyramid: primarily meat (organ & skeletal), some veggies, some fruits, little to no grains

Food Energetics

Yin is qualities of inward, quiet, nighttime, maternal, cool and fluids. Yin tonics are foods which tonify the coolness and fluids of the body. Signs of Yang excess include seeking cool places, panting, thirst, red eyes, panting at night, dry skin, dry cough and restlessness.

We make it simple: The Simple Food Project’s Duck & Trout Recipe is a ready-to-serve cooling formula!

DuckClamBambooAppleBarleyDuck Egg
RabbitCodBroccoliBananaBuckwheatFlax Seed Oil
 CrabCauliflowerCranberryJob’s TearsMarjoram
 WhitefishChlorellaLemonMung BeanSalt
  CucumberMangoWheatSesame Oil
  EggplantOrangeWild RiceTofu
  KelpPear Yogurt
  Yellow Soy Bean   

Generally neutral foods will tonify Qi and blood and harmonize Yin and Yang. They can be used in combination with other types of foods to add variety and choice or to decrease the harshness of a very cold or very hot diet.

We make it simple: The Simple Food Project’s Beef & Salmon Recipe is a ready-to-serve neutral formula!

BeefCarpAduki BeanPapayaBrown RiceCheese
Beef LiverCatfishBlack Soy BeanPineappleLentilsChicken Egg
GooseHerringBeet RootPomegranateRyeCow’s Milk
PorkMackerelBroad BeanRaspberriesWhite RiceFlax Seed
Pork LiverSalmonCabbage  Peanut
Pork KidneysSardineCarrots  Peanut Oil
Pork FeetSturgeonGreen Beans  Sesame Seed
QuailTunaKidney Beans   
Tripe Peas   
Bison Pumpkin   
  Red Bean   
  Shiitake Mushroom   
  String Beans   

Qi tonic foods are foods that warm the body allowing the body to develop and maintain warmth. Qi deficiency is seen as general weakness, fatigue, exercise intolerance, poor appetite, chronic diarrhea, loss of body weight, muscle atrophy, shortness of breath, asthma and/or urinary or fecal incontinence.

We make it simple: The Simple Food Project’s Chicken & Turkey Recipe is a ready-to-serve warming formula!

ChickenAnchovyBlack BeanCassio FruitOatsChesnutBasil
Chicken LiverLobsterSquashCherrySorghumCoconutBay Leaf
HamMusselSweet PotatoDateSweet RicePine NutBrown Sugar
PheasantPrawn Peach WalnutCinnamon
TurkeyShrimp Longan  Clove
      Dill Seed
      Fennel Seed
      Goat’s Milk

Yang is the opposite of yin. Yang qualities include outward, active, male, daytime, heat and inflammation. Yang tonic foods are the hottest or most heat generating foods. Yang deficiency animals are heat seeking, i.e. lie in front of fires or under bedcovers, have coldness to ears, nose, back and limbs.

LambTroutCayenne Pepper
Sheep Kidney  

Signs of Yin deficiency include seeking cool places, panting, thirst, red eyes, panting at night, dry skin, dry cough, and restlessness.

DuckCodBeetBananaMilletChicken Egg
PorkCrabBlack BeanBlackberryQuinoaCow Milk
Pork FeetOysterChlorellaLemonRiceDuck Egg
Pork KidneySardineKidney BeanMangoWheatGoat Milk
RabbitWhitefishMung BeanMangoWheat GermHoney
  PeasMulberry Tofu
  SpirulinaPear Yogurt
  String BeansPineapple  

Signs of blood deficiency include History of blood loss/anemia, pale white gums, dry flakey dandruff coat, dry cracked paw pads, lack of stamina.

BeefOysterAduki BeansFigBarleyBlack Sesame Seed
Bone MarrowSardineAlfalfa SproutDateCornChicken Egg
Heart ArtichokeLonganOatsDuck Egg
Liver Beet Root RiceParsley
Pork Carrot Sweet RiceMolasses
Pork Skin Dark Leafy Veggies Wheat BranSoy Milk
  Kidney Bean   

Signs of phlegm include Stinky greasy dog coat, “Dog smell”, goopy eyes, ear discharges, hot spots, gooey cough.

CrabOliveGrapefruit PeelWalnutCaraway
LobsterPepperLemon Peel Cardamon
PrawnRadishOrange Peel Fennel Seed
ShrimpSeaweedPear Pepper
 Shiitake Mushroom  Peppermint
 Water Chesnut  Rosemary

Signs of dampness include stiffness (worse in damp weather), obesity, weepy lesions without heat, and loose stool. Some examples of foods that form dampness are sugar, yeast, wheat, saturated fats, roasted peanuts, dairy products, bread, pork, bananas, and concentrated juices.

AnchovyAduki BeansCranberryBarleyGreen Tea
MackerelAlfalfa SproutLemonBuckwheatHorseradish
SardineAsparagusPapayaCornJasmine Tea
 Celery Job’s TearsMarjoram
 Kidney Bean LentilsParsley
 Lettuce RyePepper

Vitamin Sources for dogs

Sweet PotatoButterKalePeas
SpinachCollard GreensCheddar CheeseMango
Animal Livers
Citrus Fruits
Rose Hips
Seeds/Seed OilsNut/Nut OilsGreen, Leafy Veggies
TomatoesPumpkinSweet Potato

Foods that are toxic to animals and should never be fed:

Apricot PitMacadamia NutPlum
Avocado PeelMustard LeafScallion
Cherry PitMustard SeedRaw Yeast/Dough