Why Lincoln & Katie Made The Switch & Kicked Kibble To The Curb

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Making the switch from kibble to real whole foods provides the nutrition dogs and cats need to thrive. 

Meet Lincoln (Linky for short), a four-year old fashionista (with his own impressive social media following), and his mom, Katie (who doubles as his fashion designer), sharing how their journey to real foods contributed to Lincoln’s “signature look.”

On the Agenda

Does he go by Lincoln? Longboy? Another other pseudonym?

Lincoln has a bunch of names. He mainly goes by Linky, but answers to Lincoln, Longboy, Mr. Floof, and the occasional Bubba. Sometimes we’ll call him Pokey because he likes to poke us with his nose.

How long have you had Lincoln?

We’ve had Lincoln since he was two months old. We’ll be celebrating our 4th anniversary together this June!

What is the BEST thing about Lincoln?

That’s so hard to pick just one thing! It’s probably his unconditional love. No matter what kind of day I’m having, Lincoln always makes it better.

What is Lincoln’s favorite thing to do?

Lincoln loves to play fetch more than anything and never gets tired of it. He likes to fetch with a toy, but fetch with a tennis ball in the backyard is his all-time favorite.

What makes Lincoln special and unique?

What doesn’t? Lincoln is very curious and loving. He always needs to know what’s going on. He’ll check out and inspect every bag or package that you bring in. He loves to give kisses and always knows when one of us is having a bad day. He can totally sense it and comes right over to comfort us.

He has a ton of energy and loves to fetch and play in the backyard. He always wants to make sure that he’s the center of attention at all times. Sometimes this means he’ll walk on top of your laptop or whatever else you’re doing to make sure he’s the priority. He’ll also bring toys over for you to toss for a game of fetch and get mad if you don’t throw it for him right away.


What is Lincoln’s daily routine?

Lincoln lives the good life! I’m so jealous. He wakes up with his dad, usually. They go on a walk and then he gets his Simple Food Project breakfast. Then it’s a long, tiresome day filled with napping, fetch, and cuddling. We usually take another walk, or have some backyard time after I finish working for the day. He ends his day with his Simple Food Project dinner. Then we’ll usually have some before bed fetch if he’s feeling up to it, which is most days.

lincolnpuppy (1)

What is your favorite memory with Lincoln?

Definitely the day we got him. It was a dream come true, I’ve been wanting a dachshund for over 10 years and it finally happened. It was such a perfect day. I’ll never forget how he ran through the entire apartment exploring his new home.

 He was so tiny too! I had a small harness and collar for him before we brought him home, and it was gigantic on him! We took him to the pet store later that day and had to get him an extra- extra small.

A close second would be the day we won Best in Show for Lincoln’s Halloween Costume at the New York City Halloween Dog Parade. He outshined over 600 dogs. Lincoln loved getting all the attention that day. So many people wanted to pet him, and we even ended up on a bunch of news channels!

Lincoln is a true social media cutie pie (costume idea?), complete with an amazing wardrobe thanks to Mom Katie’s creative designs!

You hand make each piece of clothing, right? Can you talk a bit more about that?

I do! I make all of Lincoln’s costumes. I’ve also made him a couple of shirts, but we usually buy those. I really enjoy dressing him up as a character and making the props that go along with it. It’s fun to figure out what to make him next and how to make a well-known character work for him. I’ve always loved crafting and creating things, so making costumes for Lincoln brought everything I love to do together.

How long does a piece take from concept to the reveal?

It really depends, each costume is so different. Some costumes I can make in a day or two, while others may take a few weeks if there are multiple props and pieces to it. The Game of Thrones “Bone Throne” took about a month since there were over 650 individually placed and painted dog bones.

Which is your favorite piece? And Lincoln’s?

I really loved making Lincoln’s Halloween costume and float for the New York Halloween Dog Parade two years ago. He was the “Barking” Mad Hatter and had a whole Alice in Wonderland themed float he sat on top of. There were a lot of fun pieces and hidden elements that went with it. I think making the little fun details is my favorite because they really bring the costume to life. 

Lincoln’s favorite costume was probably Steve from Strangers Things season 3. I made him a “Scoops Ahoy” outfit and had him look like he was in the ice cream shop. He loved it because he got to eat a vanilla ice cream cone during the shoot. 

How big is Lincoln’s closet?

Way too big for our New York City apartment, and it just keeps getting bigger. We’re running out of places to put all of them. Soon he’ll need an apartment just for his clothes!

Do Lincoln’s fans submit requests for what they want to see next? (Can we… 😋?) Or are these costumes some of your favorite things?

I have had fans send in requests for costumes in the past. I love seeing other people’s ideas and then their reaction to the final costume. Please send us what you’d like to see Lincoln as next!

Can you give us a hint about what fandom or season or cuuuute cute costume you’re tackling next?

I’m not exactly sure what I’m making next yet. I recently finished making Lincoln a Legend of Zelda costume for his birthday, which had a lot of pieces to it. I have a long list of costume ideas, but need to pick what will be next! I’d love to hear some suggestions!

What 3 words would you use to describe Lincoln?

Curious, Fluffy, and Perfect

What 3 words would Lincoln use to describe YOU?

Loving, protective, and probably non-stop, since I’m always working on making something.

Favorite napping spot?

Lincoln loves to curl up next to my legs. He also loves to nap with his face resting on my hand. The day we met him, he laid his head in the palm of my hand during our car ride home. Ever since then, he does it whenever he wants to be comforted and falls asleep– which means I can’t move my hand for a while if he does that, haha.

Does (or did) Lincoln have any health problems?

Lincoln does have some health issues. He was diagnosed with IVDD (intervertebral disk disease) this past November. IVDD is a back problem that’s very common in dachshunds since they have such an elongated spine. As a dachshund owner, you have to take so many precautions and make sure they don’t jump off furniture or play too rough since it can really hurt their back. We have a bunch of ramps for Lincoln to get onto the couch and our bed so that he doesn’t jump.

Watching him go through this was so hard, it happened out of nowhere. He would cry out in pain if he tried any sudden movements and stopped acting like himself. He was on crate rest for almost 6 months. He’s been getting laser therapy and acupuncture treatments, which have made a huge difference. 

It’s been a long road to recovery with him, and we’re now just getting back to normal. He’s starting to play fetch again and go on daily walks, which makes him so happy. I love seeing him get back to his normal self. We’re still taking things very slowly and making sure he doesn’t hurt himself again.

Favorite snack?

Lincoln loves cheese, and any duck or fish flavored treats. He loves a good snack and will sometimes just sit by the treat jar and ask for some.

What do you feed Lincoln?

Lincoln has been eating The Simple Food Project since he was 6 months old!

 He especially loves the Duck & Trout Recipe. Because of his IVDD, he also gets special supplements, like krill and glucosamine. 

What did you feed before? When did you make the switch to real food?

Before switching to Simple Food Project, Linky was eating kibble. I had tried several different brands and he wouldn’t eat any of them. I was going crazy trying to find something that he liked and we felt okay feeding him, since a lot of major brands have tons of scary ingredients in them. 

The first time we tried Simple Food, he licked the bowl clean. Something he’s still doing 3 years later.

Why did you kick kibble to the curb?

It was a no-brainer. I love how much care is put into the Simple Food Project. I can see all the ingredients that I’m feeding him right on the box.

As a dog mom, I feel safe and good about feeding him this. Lincoln is the most important thing to me, and I want to make sure he gets everything he needs to be happy and healthy. Plus, Linky loves the taste of it! It’s a win-win!

Have you noticed changes since you switched to real, whole food?

Linky has been on whole food for most of his life since he started when he was a puppy. Right after we made the switch, his coat became a lot shinier and fluffier, and is now his signature look.

What would you say to a pet parent considering making the switch?

Absolutely try it! This brand cares about your pup just as much as you do. You really see that in the care they take to put the best ingredients into the recipes and how helpful they are to make sure your pup gets what they need. I cannot say enough good things about The Simple Food Project!

What would Lincoln say about his whole food diet?

Lincoln loves it! If you ask him, he’d ask to get seconds, maybe even thirds.

Want to see Katie & Lincoln’s latest creation? Or submit a costume idea? Follow them on Instagram.

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Lincoln & Katie

Lincoln & Katie

Lincoln and his family live in New York City. They love visiting parks and dog-friendly cafes all around the city. Lincoln’s mom, Katie, loves to dress him up in adorable costumes that she creates herself. Check out Lincoln, The Dressup Dachshund, wearing his vast collection of costumes on Instagram for an instant dose of cuteness!