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We’ve got room for some furry co- woofers! Only 8% of employers in the United States allow their employees to bring pets to work, what a bummer! On this Bring Your Dog to Work Day, pull out your dog’s business casual attire, ‘cause they’re coming to the pawfice!

Their Casual Friday outfits make you look GREAT!

We’re not sure what’s worse; having to compete with a cute doggo for the “Best Dressed” award, or that pants are no longer required in the office. In any case, be prepared to see a lot of furry legs struttin’ around while you work. Hopefully it’s only of the dog variety…

They make the best secretaries.

Dogs are such people pleasers! Sure, your dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs or the Lexile capabilities to argue with coworkers all day, but they’ve got so much to bring to the table! Just expect a little added slobber when they pass out the office memos.

They’re very self-sufficient.

Who needs fingers when you’ve got a nice set of teeth? This independent pup doesn’t need your help! He can do the job on his own, thank you very much. But really, this is super impressive!

They make the best greeters!

Move over feline greeters, the dogs are here! Just give them a chance to do the job and they’ll never disappoint! Wouldn’t you want these two greeting you first thing in the morning? We know we would.

They’ll give consistent results.

No one provides consistency quite like a dog does! Whether it’s a game of self-sufficient fetch or chasing the local cat – they’ve got it down. Repetitive tasks are what they do best, so sit back, relax and watch them go to work!

They make the perfect alarm system.

We’re going to guess that a dog is a much cheaper security system than what you’ve got in place right now. This big, scary pooch is clearly taking care of businesses! Let’s just hope the burglars don’t bring doggie treats….

You won’t EVER catch them fooling around on the job!

Really Janet, a frisbee in the office? Let’s be real – us humans need a mental break here and there, but not this pup. Maximum effort!

They'll always help you with a smile.

Need to de-stress? Have a chat with the office pup! They’re clearly seeing the world through some rose-colored lenses – just look at that grin! Their smile is enough to brighten anyone’s day, amirite?

They’ll guard your lunch.

Got an office lunch thief? Worry no more, your pup is on the job! This mobile lunch box keeps your snacks safe and secure. On second thought, it might be tough to get that lunch back…

They’ll wash the windows, no complaints.

Window washing isn’t exactly a fun job, but dogs have no problem with it! Just add a little peanut butter and voila they’re ready to go! Although, it’s a little strange to put food on the windows…

Why are we still trying to convince you?!

Who doesn’t love dogs?! By now you have to believe us that bringing a pup to the office is the best thing since sliced bread. Just think of all the petting you could do? We just love those little fluffers.

With all the tough work they put in at the office, it’s only fair that they get their beauty sleep! There’s nothing quite like a snuggly dog at the end of a long day, and you both deserve it! Here’s to your furry co-woofer.

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