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Introducing Our Wag-Worthy Cause Rescue Series

Want to help some rescue pups in need? We do too. We are committed to helping all dogs live their best lives, and we’re so proud and excited to partner with hard-working rescue organizations for our Wag-Worthy Cause events. How can you help, you ask? Oh — and how can you win a TON of free giveaways? Read on…

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Chris Bessent

Can Dogs Eat Spinach?

You might not think spinach should be part of your dog’s diet, but think again! Dogs and spinach go together like wags and wet noses. Learn how the antioxidants in spinach help fight the negative effects of oxidative stress.

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Cat: The True Carnivore

Cats are meat-eaters and, as such, require a diet that’s founded on meat. Can they live without it? Absolutely not. Can they have some carbs in their diets? If its predigested. These ideas are supported from head to their very cute tail.

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