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Winter Wonderdogs

The holidays are fast approaching, and so is the winter season! For many of us, this means SNOW (this year, more of us than usual… since when does Louisiana get snow before Wisconsin!?)

Even though you may be grumblin’ away at the snowflakes accumulating on your windowsill, there is one thing that can make the snow extra fun: dogs.

Here’s a collection of some of our favorite “dogs in snow” reactions (as well as a few things to keep in mind as the snow starts accumulating):

1. "Oh hey tiny human, can't talk, gotta slide"

Hey tiny baby

Did you know, even though they may absolutely LOVE the snow, dogs can’t be out in really cold temps for much longer than we can? It’s easy to assume that, because they already have big fuzzy coats on, they have no problem being outside during the winter months. 

But, dogs are subject to frostbite and hypothermia too, so it’s good to always provide your dog an area to warm up when the weather is chilly (and especially on windy days). If you’re uncomfortably cold even bundled up in winter gear, your dog is too. 

3lb Chicken & Turkey Recipe - food for dogs

Cozy up with our warming formula

Our Chicken and Turkey Recipe is specially formulated to provide dogs some warmth from the inside out. With warming foods like chicken and turkey, this is a great food to feed your pup when the weather starts to drop below freezing!

2. "I catch this snow now, you shovel less later"

Catch these snowflakes

Dogs also should have access to just as much water in the winter as they normally would any other season. We don’t always think about chugging a big glass of ice water when we’re scraping ice off our cars, but we (humans and dogs) expel just as much moisture when its cold and are just as susceptible to dehydration.

3. "Despite ALL odds, I haz conquered the steps"

Steps are hard

Although your dog may not like them at first, dog booties are a really good idea for winter walks. The salt and other chemicals coating sidewalks do keep the whole world from falling on their butts, but they aren’t so nice to dog paws. Keeping those little feet protected is worth the extra step of popping on some footies before you head out the door!

4. "Beep-bop-bo, gotta shovel this snow..."

Snow shoveler

This pup can help clear the extra snow in the yard, but he may not so easily be able to get rid of all the excess snow that gets caked on his fur and between his paws. Sure, it will melt off eventually, but it’s better to just help your dog towel off those extra chunks so he doesn’t have to pick at them or spend extra time being wet and chilly.

5. "Hi human, whatcha up t—NO! NO SNOWMAN!"


Not all dogs have this problem (actually it might seriously just be my dogs), but some pups are skeptical of the outdoor decorations that pop up around the winter season. Snowmen, inflatable Santas, and 4-foot candy canes can be scary to encounter on an otherwise normal walk route.

Give your dog some time to investigate a new object if he shows uncertainty of it, and stay alert to new sights that may unexpectedly spook him. 

Nyger's happy holidays

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