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why feed dogs real food?

Myth: Table scraps are bad for dogs.

When did it become shameful to subtly drop some roast beef on the floor? Or to let those couple runaway peas roll off the table? When did we start believing that anything meant for the humans to eat could disrupt the whole metabolic process of the family dog?

It’s all a bunch of baloney.

Table scraps are GOOD for dogs. (Erm.. table scraps that are good for you are also good for your dog—that chocolate cake you’re eating for dessert… that’s not so good for your dog). But it’s long been argued that dropping extra food is bad—and maybe this can be true if you’re trying to curb a dog’s naughty begging habits, but it’s not so true for the overall health of the dog. 

Animals do not require some entirely new set of food standards. They don’t require dry food that’s gone through a mystery of a process. Real, whole foods are great for animals, just like they are for us. 

Dogs that eat real foods are...

1. Healthier: there are far more natural nutrients in whole foods than in a highly processed bag of kibble. Have you seen that paragraph of vitamins and minerals on the back of the bag? Those are there because the food lacked all those things to begin with.

2. Happier: Dogs really can get addicted to kibble. It’s like junk food—full of sugar, carbs and artificial flavors. But even with this “kibble dependency”, most dogs will still prefer real meat and veggies over dry kibble (and their improved health will translate into happier moods as well). 

3. More energized: real food supplies dogs with better energy for longer, while kibble only gives them sugar highs. The energy dogs get from whole food meals is less of a roller coaster, so your dog won’t experience that big crash halfway through the day.

4. More in shape: This better form of energy also translates into less hunger and less over-indulging. Dogs who eat real, whole foods tend to be in better shape, and are also at a lower risk for obesity, type-2 diabetes, and even cancer.

The point:

Drop that extra broccoli in your dogs bowl. Toss the leftover chicken through the air into that drooly mouth. Your dog will benefit from table scraps!

Real food for every meal

Table scraps are great (and easy) to give your pup, because you have to eat too! But, to make sure your dog is getting a complete and balanced, healthy meal, give one of our recipes a try:

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