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Doc eating our duck and trout recipe

Here’s a real simple explanation on how to feed your dog The Simple Food Project:

Step one: buy a quality dog food

A gif of our food box shaking

Step two: open it up

A drawn gif of unboxing our food

Step three: pour some in your dog's food bowl

a gif of drawing dog food

(Optional step four: add water)

a drawn gif of a faucet with water

Step five: dance in excited anticipation

A gif of a drawn human and dog dancing.

Step six: let doggie dig in

a gif of drawn dog eating food

Step seven: high five about it

a drawn gif of a high five

Get started on step one by checking out our three great formulas: Duck & Trout, Beef & Salmon, and Chicken & Turkey!

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Joslin Lee: Content Writer and Editor, Graphic Designer for The Simple Food Project

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Joslin Lee is the graphic designer and content writer/editor for The Simple Food Project. She's got two dogs (Dr. Astronaut and Bevers), a ferret (Space Weasel 5000) and a goldfish (Sea Bean). Lately, she's been staying busy cookin' up the cutest little baby (coming Feb 2018).



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